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Therapeutic Massage

Have you got niggling knots that cause you ongoing trouble or do you exercise regularly and want to stay on top of things by keeping your muscles relaxed and supple? This tailor-made massage is the treatment for you! Suffer no longer from sciatica, RSI, frozen shoulder or migraines and finally say good bye to constant need of painkillers.


Having run a Boutique Spa for over 5 years with experience in looking after rugby players, young children and the elderly, I have created a truly unique massage style that combines deep tissue work with relaxed flowing strokes.


Working those stubborn knots and tight spots while still helping you to doze off and relax is the perfect combination to get you back to your very best form and ready to take on the next challenge.


Choose between 45, 60 or 90 minutes to allow enough time to specifically target your problem areas or combine it within a full body massage.

Headache Buster

Do you suffer from frequent headaches?


Did you know that almost 90% of all headaches are tension headaches?


Stress, sport, bad posture, sleeping positions or uncomfortable office chairs can cause the muscles in your neck and shoulders to tighten up and cause a headache.


If the trip to the chiropractor doesn't have long lasting effects anymore because tense muscles quickly pull your spine out of alignment again, then the headaches or pins and needles in your arms usually aren't far away.


At first you might self treat the symptoms with pain killers,  but if you don't change what causes them in the first place, you will quickly find yourself in a cycle of  never-ending tension headaches that won't even respond to over the counter pills anymore or even worse:  cause rebound headaches.


If you are tired of constant dull headaches or niggling knots, why not try a 45 minute Headache Buster Massage for your next appointment?

Relaxation Massage

If anxiety is keeping you on your toes or your holidays are still too far away, but you are already craving some well deserved relaxation, this is the treatment for you!


Long flowing massage strokes combined with tranquil ambience, fluffy linen and soft music in the background will have you float away and help you achieve a good night's rest.


Choose between 60 or 90 minutes to gently snooze away while enjoying this relaxing treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

The ideal winter pick-me-up for those extra cold days.


Hot stones can be used for full body relaxation or targeted therapeutic work on extra stubborn knots.


The concentrated heat helps the muscles to relax 10x faster than any regular massage stroke, so if you haven't had success with saying good bye to those tight shoulders, why not try a hot stone treatment?

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